Come join us in our goal to build a dedicated community.

Rates & Features

XP/SP Party XP/SP Adena
40 2 100


  • Very low rate
  • Trying to encourage lots of exploding weapons
  • +16 max


  • GM Shop
  • Consumables Shop
  • Global GK
  • NPC buffer
  • NPC VIP Scheme Buffer


  • Custom droplists for every raid
  • Custom Raidboss for the castle lords


  • Castle owners get VIP status
  • .xpon/.xpoff voice commands
  • Extended Buff times / Buff slots


  1. Don't be a dickhead
  2. No Impersonating Administrators or GM’s
  3. No Exploiting bugs - If you have noticed a bug in a game, please report it
  4. No Logging into account without the owner’s permission
  5. No Selling accounts
  6. No botting in PVP
  7. No Advertising or suggestions any other Lineage server
  8. No spawn killing

Before creating your account on our site, it is essential that you as a user understand that this is a FREE AND PRIVATE SERVER, private property with no contract or contractor. When creating your account, realize that you are not a customer who is buying a product or a service, but a USER that is creating an account on a private server. By sending donations to help the server, will not bring any benefits such as priority service or require an administrator to perform any task requested by you. ADMINISTRATORS OF THE SITE, ARE PROVIDING SERVICES AVAILABLE AS FAVOR TO YOUR PERSON AND NOT FULFILLING OBLIGATIONS. Also they are not responsible for user names and passwords registered. Responsibility for login, password, items, security of your account, spending on electricity, internet access, times in Lan House, etc., is EXCLUSIVELY YOUR.

How to connect

  1. Step 1: Download Client
  2. Step 2: Download ini
  3. Step 3: Copy ini to system folder

Extra Step

Only if needed

  1. Windows 10 System Folder

About Us

My friends and i have been playing lineage 2 since 2003. A friend of mine introduced me to retail just after the public release. A short period of time after playing on there a few retail friends introduced me to L2 St0rm and L2Extreme private servers. I instantly had a connection with playing on private servers. Since then a group of friends and I have been on a series of private servers. I've hosted one in the past but financial limitations forced me to give up on keeping it.

We have not been playing a lot lately. Mostly due to not being able to find a private server that fit the criteria we were looking for. We recently ended up scoping out a few but there was always a big hook that detured us from committing our time. Crazy easy enchant rates, stacking subs, too many people, too many custom addons, etc.

We are committed to building a simple and casual place to play. Our goal is to build a small committed community. We don't want to have public facing GMs. I would like to build it and leave it as much as possible. Our rules are going to be relatively simple and straight forward. To use botting for an example, We are not going to explicitly say don't do it but if you get caught you might get a karma fling*. Any severe infractions will be found and punished accordingly.

*fling = teleported to 1,1,1 on the map.
*karma fling = teleported to 1,1,1 and given karma.